local.ch is a local search engine for Switzerland. It started life as the website for the Swiss yellow pages and phone book.

Design evolution

Before I started work at local.ch there was no User Experience expert in the company. They occasionally worked with a freelance visual designer.

I improved the User Experience and led the evolution of the design. I was a UX department of one. luckily I could count on external support from Jessica, the friendly neighborhood visual designer.

This gallery shows the major evolutionary steps of the site's UI design: 

  1. Original
  2. Incremental cleanup and usability improvements
  3. Complete corporate rebranding and redesign


For the rebranding I worked closely with the branding agency to make their design proposals - like the one shown here - suitable for the web.

Design proposal from the branding agency

Result List, responsive design

We worked on a redesign of the results list pages. One of our goals was to come up with a layout that would work well on various screen sizes. (This has not been implemented.)


Paper prototype

Interaction Design

The videos and prototypes below show several Interaction Design solutions and studies I worked on.


Results Preview

Animation of a potential approach for displaying search results previews while the user is typing.

on YouTube in HD

Edit listing

› company features

› opening times  *

› opening times variant  
(with option to repeat opening times)

Note: due to a weird rendering bug, it sometimes takes reloading the page a few times to display the opening times layout correctly.


Prototype for editing opening times

Prototype for editing opening times

Single search field variants

Variants of search assistance and refinements with a one search field approach. 

(Please view on YouTube in HD to see details.) 

Result list improvements

Presentation of one iteration of result list improvements.

on YouTube in HD


Disclosure of product images inside a result list without leaving the page.

 › on YouTube in HD

A case for single field search

User tests demonstrating some problems with multiple field searches.

on YouTube in HD 

Sliding panels demo

Demo of a layout based on sliding panels.

on YouTube in HD