iPhone UI critique

Some day this year I'll be able to comment on this more. (The iPhone is not out in Switzerland yet and I am waiting for version 2 before I buy one, yadda, yadda, etc.)

For now, here's an interesting discussion about the iPhone user experience and the way its apps display information:

graphpaper.com - Edward Tufte’s iPhone

It will be interesting to see what kind of user experience third party apps will offer when the official SDK is released.

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Blackberry patents

CNN and others report about a patent dispute that may spell trouble for all Blackberry service users.
Here are some of NTP's patents:

I first heard about this case in a Pizzeria in St. Anton a few weeks ago where I was talking with a guy (didn't ask his name) who is in the IT Patents business. It didn't really filter through to me before because I don't have a Blackberry or comparable device at the moment. I may actually be looking for a mobile solution soon though because I'll be away from my laptop more and at the same time will need more frequent email access.

Business Week online has several long articles about the case.
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Logic Express update 7.1.1: problems with M-audio FireWire 1814 fixed?

After a quick test with the Logic Express update 7.1.1 it seems that it won't crash anymore when used with M-audio 1814.
The description of the update says that 'Realtime sample rate conversion' is an area that this update addresses. I suspect that that was causing the problem since the M-audio control panel shows a sample rate of 48000 Hz and Logic Express was set to record at 44100 Hz.
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