Vaarwel, Au revoir, KLM Airfrance

20000 of my last Flying blue airmiles have just been spent. I only have a few left.

Good. Now I will probably not have to deal with KLM/ Airfrance and it's horrible online services for a while anymore.

Every visit to the site for the past 5+ years has been a surprise. There were always new errors, inconsistencies and usability annoyances to discover.


- Validation on a phone number field: I enter "5551234" (or similar), the site comes back with 'you can only use numbers in the phone field'.

- ZIP code/ post code validation, all the way at the end of the checkout process: field must contain 5 digits. I add a 0 in front of my valid, 4 digit swiss zip-code: same error. I enter '12345': it works!

Book over the phone instead? Right! Try to find the number for booking with award miles on the website.