Videos I created to demonstrate, test or explain something.




A case for single field search

User tests demonstrating some problems with multiple field searches.


Result List Improvements

Presentation of one iteration of result list improvements.

Search Engine Result List Interaction Design

Guided walkthrough of a prototype with various interaction design options .

Photo Scanner/Paper Shredder

Good clip to illustrate bad design.

(Video not created by me.) 

Video on

This is one of the videos I produced which was published on 

Presenting at TEDxZurich

Here I present an update about the state of TEDx at TEDxZurich.

Diagnosing a hardware problem

My AudioEndine D2 - a computer audio device - has a problem: sometimes the audio is briefly interrupted. These videos show how I diagnosed the problem. I've shared the video with AudioEngine for support.






In the first video I explain the setup and how I ran the test.

The second video shows the results.

Frustrating Ad behavior

An Ad that covers everything!