These prototypes are built with various tools like paper, Apple Keynote and HTML, Javascript & CSS. The code is throwaway quality and definitely not meant for production!

The purpose of the prototypes was to study, discuss and test Interaction Design options or to serve as an Interaction Design specification for developers because Interaction Design details are sometimes hard to capture or explain with static text and images.


Edit listing 

[html, css, Javascript] 

› company features

› opening times  *

› opening times variant with option to repeat opening times

Note: due to a weird rendering bug, it sometimes takes reloading the page a few times to display the opening times layout correctly.


Result List, responsive


Results Preview

[Keynote › video] 

Animation of a potential approach for displaying search results previews while the user is typing.

Single search field variants

[html › video]

Variants of search assistance and refinements with a one search field approach. 


[Keynote › video]

Disclosure of product images inside a result list without leaving the page.


Sliding panels demo

Demo of a layout based on sliding panels.