Family connection

Look at that! My Family on the blog!
A good reason to re-start my blogging efforts. The coming month I will be in St. Anton with limited internet access so there will probably not be a lot of activity here.
I am also seriously considering switching to Moveable Type so I'll need to find a good hosting solution.
[update] testing the trackback...
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Snow sports plans

Can't wait to see what this Winter will bring! The first months have been planned already. I will be in St. Anton all weekends in December and from 20 December untill 10 January straight. During that time I will be partly working as an instructor for the Ski school Arlberg.
Later on in the season I may actually take a Snowboard instructor's course.
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Should we Laugh or should we Cry?

Here is a good example of a reason to create browser independent, gracefully degrading websites! I have frequently told people 'Even future versions of Internet Explorer will not produce the same results for the pages you are building for IE today!'. (To put this in context: it is a response to those people who think they only have to make their websites work with the most recent version of Internet Explorer.) This announcement talks about changes that will change the user experience of certain websites for people 'upgrading' to upcoming versions of Internet Explorer for Windows. This FAQ page tries to answer how websites will be affected and what website developers will have to do to keep providing a good User Experience.
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'The Rubbing' forwarded

Reaction of my masseuse to 'The Rubbing' by Lance Arthur: "This is toooooo funny! I almost peed my pants and had tears running down my face. Thanks for the great laugh! I'll be forwarding this on to my massage colleagues!"
I could identify with the writer because I just got 'started' as well (had 3 sessions so far). It takes time to get used to letting go when you're on the table. Especially difficult: keeping your body/ muscles relaxed when the massage hurts. This happens when the masseuse works on parts of the muscles which are 'clogged up'.
You think the reason that incense sticks are burnt during the massage is just to create a pleasant atmosphere? Think 'body odors'!
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