First FirstTuesday podcast on IT Conversations: Music, Innovation & Convergence

Here it is: the keynote presentation of the First Tuesday convergence forum!

The recording was done by me. I used a PowerBook 17" with Logic Express and a M-audio FireWire 1814 audio interface.

Luckily I had access to the individual microphone signals. The setup was able to record 8 simultaneous tracks of audio at 24 bits, 44.1 kHz. This was very convenient because I could easily mix the tracks and normalize the levels afterwards. This is easier to do with separate tracks for each microphone than when you have all audio on one track. If you have everything on one track you'd have to find and select the regions where one person is speaking separately to adjust their sound. That is more cumbersome and error-prone than just selecting a whole track and adjusting it's properties.

From the short description:

"In this keynote presentation from the 'road to convergence' forum by First Tuesday in Zurich, Switzerland, Paul Hitchman talks about the changing landscape of music distribution and licensing. Paul is a co-founder of PlayLouder, a "Music Service Provider," and in this talk he asserts that it is now only voluntary to pay for music. He also addresses the role of P2P, DRM and other technologies and paints a vision for the future for music creators and consumers."