M-Audio Firewire 1814 + Logic Express = crash ! One solution...

Logic Express seems to be the only program that crashes when I try to use it with my recently bought M-Audio Firewire 1814. Whenever I choose the Firewire 1814 in Logic Express it will crash not only the application but the whole computer (which happens very rarely with Mac OS X). From the reading crash log I think that the problem lies with the driver (kernel extension) from m-audio.

While waiting for an updated driver, I am using a similar solution as the 'isolating Skype' solution.

In this case, I created an 8 channel Soundflower device called 'LogicXpress8'. For instructions, see: How to add or change a Soundflower device.

Next I configured LogicExpress to use the new 'LogicXpress8' device.

Audio Hijack Pro is then used to Hijack the actual inputs from the FireWire 1814 and route them to the corresponding channels on the 'LogicXpress8' device.

The new Hijack sessions:

The naming scheme is basically: FW (firewire device input) 34 (channels 3 and 4) - SF (Soundflower device output) 34 (channels 3 and 4).

The Hijack sessions' input settings:

You need to specify the input/ output channels for these sessions.

How to select specific channels for an audio device in Audio Hijack Pro:

A 90 minute test recording session with 8 inputs went flawlessly!

Perhaps the version 7.1 (paid and non-download!!) upgrade of Logic Express will fix the issue. However, I think the m-audio driver is flawed.