Podcastcon UK 2005: success!

Podcastcon UK 2005 was great! I'm really glad I went at the last moment.

I met a lot of nice people: Blugg, Doctoe, Nicole Simon, Milverton Wallace, Neville Hobson to name but a few.

There was a good vibe. Almost like the good old dot-com times ;) The people who were there are mostly the early movers who are truly motivated.

The content of the presentations was valuable. It focussed on non-technical stuff.
I think some sharp questions from the audience and heated debates clearly showed that some issues are not quite settled yet. Just as there was huge resistance to anything commercial in the early days of the internet there is a good amount of that with podcasting now.

I want it all!

I want to be able to listen to content that everybody in the world listens to just like I enjoy watching TV series that are popular around the world, like Friends and Sex and the City. I also want to listen to local content. Both commercial and non-commercial. Then I want to listen to content that very few people are interested in across the world. And I want to hear different kinds of music.

There is a place for all sorts of content in podcasts. The creators of all kinds of podcasts, commercial and non-commercial, can learn a lot from each other. Especially now. Some of that happened during Podcastcon and I'm sure links were made so that more will happen.


- Some Flickr impressions.

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