iTunes is dead, long live iXxx

iTunes and iPhoto are two applications that catalog and organize... eh, well.. files?

You can put pictures into iTunes and you can put audio/ video into iPhoto.

iTunes is supposed to be used for organizing music and podcasts, listen to radio streams, buy music and other media content, burn CD's/ DVD's / ..., synchronize calendar and address data with (portable) devices and more.

This is getting confusing. Especially considering the overlap with iPhoto, mail, iSync and other applications.

If you consider that the latest version of iTunes seems like a 'patched' or unfinished product and the discovery that iTunes supports different kinds of enclosures I predict that there may not come an iTunes version 5!

I think it is time for a new application or set of applications that clean up the experience of organizing your digital life's data.

Apple has already started to consolidate the synchronizing functionality into iTunes. Maybe this was in part done to give PC users some of the capabilities that Mac Os X users have had with iSync but more importantly, iTunes is definitely not just about 'Tunes' anymore!

Perhaps a new application will be created that ties it all together. iOrganize, iLife, iManage... one can speculate.