iTunes Podcast playlists: 'Podcast' track property is read-only

Podcast tracks in iTunes 4.9 do not seem to be easily manageable in regular playlists or smart playlists. The AppleScript dictionary for iTunes has been extended with a track property that tells iTunes that a track is a podcast. In that case it handles the track differently. (Just as it already has 'Tracks' (URLs) for internet radio stations.) I wanted to see if I could change a track from podcast to normal by changing this property. Then I read this post on Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes that says it's a read-only property:

New Track Property, Podcast: "New in iTunes 4.9, a new track property called podcast. As you may imagine, this is a read-only boolean that will be true for a podcast track, and false if otherwise."

Maybe it is still possible to write a script that traverses the list of podcasts, copies their actual file location and adds the track again as a regular track?

Who volunteers?

(I'll be at a conference for a week.)