OPML2iTunes : AppleScript to import OPML podcast subscriptions into iTunes

As iTunes doesn't allow importing of OPML podcast subscription lists, I created a little AppleScript application that does just that. (Or did I overlook the feature in my haste?)


1. Install XML Tools.

2. Download and open opml2itunes.sit.

3. Put the application OPML2iTunes wherever you want and run it.

4. Choose your opml file.

(This should be a plain text opml file.)


- This is a quick and dirty program.

- Only tested a little and only tested with opml files from iPodderX and NetNewsWire.

- For NetNewsWire export, choose the 'flat' opml export option. With groups doesn't work (yet).

- Ah, you need iTunes version 4.9 or higher and a Mac running Mac Os X.

Source code: Download here.

Comments are welcome preferably in the form of an enhanced and updated AppleScript document.

Follow these steps to install the XML Tools scripting addition on Mac OS X systems:

1. Create a folder named ScriptingAdditions in your account's Library folder if one does not already exist.

2. Copy the XML Tools.osax file into the ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions folder.

NOTE: This must be done using the Mac OS X Finder. Do not use the Unix cp or mv commands.