RSS feed howto 'Pubdate' question

Hello Kerry,

Yes, you should really add another entry for each episode of your podcast. This is what the whole system relies on.

I don't know the exact inner workings of iPodderX, -lemon and other podcast clients but they all look at several different attributes.

One thing they don't look at is the actual file. For all they care the file changes a thousand times and they'll never know it did.

You should also include the length attribute for each file. This is very important. Some podcast clients will not work or work incorrectly without it.

About feeds:

There are services that can add the proper enclosure information for you like Feedburner:

There are some tools that can build your feed file for you and some even take care of updating it on your server.

Some more exciting podcast production tools are under development right now and should become available in the coming months.

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On Jun 13, 2005, at 18:11, Kerry Murphey wrote:


A couple of simple but related questions.

Is having the current 'pubdate' in my xml file necessary for programs like ipodder to recognize there is new content? Reason being, I just want to upload my new audio file on a daily basis and not have to edit the xml file just to change the date.

What do programs like ipodder look for, when checking a subscription for new content?

Your help would be appreciated.


Kerry Murphey