Soundflower problem after upgrading to 10.3.9

Hi Aron,

Actually, I upgraded to 10.3.9 as soon as it came out.

Afterwards I only had to fix the java problem by re-installing the last Java update. (Now Apple put it in a separate update.)

Soundflower worked fine. I did do a 'fix permissions' though.

That may solve your problems as well. Have you tried?

While I was figuring out how to add another Soundflower device I ran into permissions problems. The .kext wouldn't load.

Reading the Readme file provided the answer:

"you need to set all the files in the Soundflower.kext

bundle to:

owner: root - read/write

group: wheel - read only

others: read only"

After doing this it was fixed.

Also see the man page for the utility kextload to check if Soundflower.kext is loading correctly.

Another problem could be sample rate settings:


Here's how to add another Soundflower device:


Have fun,


On Apr 26, 2005, at 11:56, Aron Michalski wrote:

Dear Hugo:

As you are by far the most through and detailed user of all the podcasting people I know, let me run this one past you. The other day I "accidently " (read: wasn't thinking) let my mac update to 10.3.9 Since then, My soundflower goes missing and has to be reloaded, sometimes even without sleeping or restarting. Now recently even after a reload, Soundflowerbed won't see it, Line In won't see it even though I can see the .kext file in the extensions. I'm pretty sure it's just a clash between whatever brilliant fix Apple had in mind and the original code the Cycling 74 folks wrote. Have you seen anything like this? I'm pretty sure you didn't update yet... Let me know what you think as now I'm somewhat dead in the water routing -wise.

Thanks in advance,

Aron Michalski