Skype rings all over the house!

What to do if you're not in the same room as your Mac with Skype and you're expecting a call?

Here's a recipe for wireless bells.


- (Mac)

- Skype

- Airport express

- Airfoil

- Hook up the airport express to a HiFi set or something similar in the room where you want to hear Skype ring.

- Enable Airtunes without password protection. (See Userguide, PDF.)

- Log in to Skype.

- Set the audio input and output as if you would be making a regular Skype call.

- Open Airfoil.

- Select the Airtunes speakers that you just set up.

- Select Skype as the Audio Source.

- Hit the 'transmit' button.

- Go about your business.

- When a call comes in, run to the computer.

- Hit the 'transmit' button again to stop it transmitting.

- Regain your breath.

- Answer the call and explain why you're still a bit out of breath.