Soundflowerbed & Skype don't seem to like each other

Soundflowerbed is great for monitoring Soundflower... in theory.

In practice it often gives problems in complex setups with Audio Hijack Pro and Skype for example.

I'm figuring out some workarounds and alternatives.

What usually helps is to have the 'Audio Midi Setup' utility open and switch the 'Format' of Soundflower back to 44100.0Hz. (Because it often goes to 48000 by itself, which causes problems.)

A good workaround in a complex setup with Audio Hijack Pro is to use the 'Auxiliary Device Output' effect for monitoring your mix or to add another Hijack session whereby you Hijack the mix device (Soundflower) and send the output to your headphones.

The disadvantages of these workarounds is increased latency.

I'll work this tip into the Studio setup description later.