Low Latency with Audio Hijack Pro: the test recordings

Here are two test recordings made for the low latency Podcasting studio setup. They contain a description of the setup and take you on an auditory tour through the settings.

Update: Converted the files to MP3.

Setup 1 - monitoring through Soundflowerbed (19 MB)

This setup seems to be the best, having the lowest latency and using the least amount of processing power.

Setup 2 - monitoring through 'Auxiliary Device Output' effect (14 MB)

This setup seems to have a slightly longer minimum latency.

Note: These are TEST recordings! They may be boring to listen to at times.

At the end of these tests you do hear the latency jump up. This is after putting significant stress on the system and processes stalling for a while. The recording to disk just went through without a hitch. The exact cause of the latency increase is something I'd still like to find. Maybe together with the guys from Rogue Amoeba.

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