Low latency podcasting studio setup: the results

Mixed results...

Good: found a pretty stable setup that keeps recording even if the system's under stress.

Bad: with enough stress on the system it is still possible to get 'jumps' in latency to the headphones. This is (luckily) practically not audible in the recorded result though.

What follows in this post is a summary of the setup. A diagram and the actual test recording will be posted later.

The setup

- Microphone input through 'line in'.

- Hijack line in to Soundflower (2ch).

- Add your Microphone effects such as compressor and reverb to this Microphone/ line-in Hijack channel.

- With Soundflowerbed, set buffer of Soundflower (2ch) to 64.

- With Soundflowerbed, route the output of Soundflower (2ch) to built-in audio.

- Connect your headphones to built-in audio.

- Set the default system audio output to Soundflower (2ch)

- With Soundflowerbed, set buffer of Soundflower (16ch) to 2048.

- Hijack Soundflower (2ch) to Soundflower (16ch).

- Record Soundflower (16ch), recording AIFF format uncompressed.