A question came in over email:

On Feb 14, 2005, at 20:35, Joseph Rose wrote:

Please help... want i need to accomplish is very simple.

I need to record my voice using my PowerBooks built-in mic, while playing music from iTunes. I would like to do one-hour real-time recordings, talking and playing songs, while recording it all onto one track. Sounds simple.

Any ideas?

-joseph rose

A completely updated setup description will be posted on this blog this week or next weekend. Stay subscribed!

In the meantime...

General resources:

The iPodder Documentation Project Podcasts > Documentation

On my site:


You can follow the posts and ignore what you don't need, such as iChat.

For recording I first recommended Soundtrack, later Quicktime broadcaster but QT Broadcaster has an annoying bug that makes it report a 'full disk' sometimes.

Now I would recommend Audio Hijack Pro which is actively being developed further for Podcasting purposes.

See: /hugo/2004/10/rock_solid_reco.html