Podcasting from Mac OS X - A Recipe

2005-04-17 NOTE: Updated advanced setup with Skype integration: /hugo/2005/04/advanced_podcas.html

Here's another Howto for Podcasting on the Mac from Dave Slusher, Conway, South Carolina, USA.

Dave is using Audacity for recording whereas I have proposed Quicktime Broadcaster as a very stable recorder. It must be said that I don't record shows myself yet so I guess I should start recording my trials for a reality check ;-)

Podcasting from Mac OS X - A Recipe: "


1 - Macintosh OS X computer

1 - Griffin iMic (for machines without a line-in input)

1 - Microphone

1 - Set of earphones or headphones

1 - copy each of the following pieces of software installed:
Sound Source

Directions: Read the full article..."

(Via Evil Genius Chronicles.)