(Shooting) incident in Zürich ?

It sounded like firecrackers, nothing like the soundeffects of gunfire you'd hear in an action movie. So maybe it wasn't gunfire. Stun guns maybe? Anyway, there was police and I thought I saw some plain-clothes security guys as well.

Here's what happened as I experienced it: coming back from work in Zug (CH) yesterday I had to run to catch the train. The train departed a couple of minutes late and stopped after about 200 meters. About 10 minutes later we really took off and the driver came on the intercom to say that there had been a problem with the brakes. Maybe that was the real reason of the delay but maybe there was something else going on. At airports delays are often not caused by the reason they anounce over the intercom either.

When I got off the train in Zürich I noticed two police officers carefully observing the passengers exiting the train but acting like there was nothing unusual going on. Since I was all the way at the back of the train I had to walk the entire length of the platform to the exit. It was rush hour so the place was packed.

When I was about 200 meters from the end I heard a loud scream from a man about 100 meters away. The crowd immediately dispersed away from the man and the officers (? couldn't see exactly) who abviously tried to disarm/ immobilize him. My curiousity immediately went to the scene but my common sense - and with that my body - immediately turned away. I chose a path that would lead me around the disturbance.

About 2 seconds later I heard a firecracker sound. The crowd reacted some more: some people started running, others stood still in doubt or possibly out of curiosity. I looked for cover. Just in case. Luckily there are some of buildings such as a little restaurant and toilets at that point of the platform.

I quickly walked on and I thought the man (or men?) would have been caught because the sound had stopped and nobody was running anymore. Then the sound came back and the crowd reacted again. This time it lasted a bit longer.

When I was well past the place of the incident the sound had stopped and my curiosity came back. I briefly considered going back to see what happened. I didn't. I thought I would read about it in the paper this morning. Nope. Nothing.

There were no sirens before or after the incident.

I'll forget about it.