Podcastconsultant.net : Excellent podcasting resource

At Barcamp2 Boston in March I met Adam Weiss. He creates 2 podcasts himself and shares his podcasting knowledge on his website and as a consultant.
See: podcastconsultant.net

I visited Adam at his studio in the Museum of Science a couple of weeks ago and we talked about all things podcasting. He has broad knowledge of podcasting and is very practical and down to earth in his solutions and recommendations. Highly recommended if you're looking for a consultant.
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Attention for Podsafe music, or: freeing music

The current system(s) of licensing music are not compatible with Podcasting and other 'new' ways of promoting music.
To get things moving a bit, one initiative is sure to draw some attention to alternative licensing.
"Bum Rush The Chart" aims to make one song from an independent music artist storm the iTunes charts on March 22.


Let's hope that this will get a lot of attention so that we get a step further to modernizing content licensing.
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TED Podcasts : Extremely high value

TED is a conference.
Traditionally there is one 'TED' each year in California but last year there was the first Global edition - aptly named TEDGlobal - in Oxford, UK and more are to follow.

There are thousands of conferences each year but this one really is different.
Just take a look at one of the talks held at TED and changes are you're immediately hooked.
You can do this right now because they are made available through a podcast.

Here it is:

Check out Al Gore doing standup comedy (and talking about the climate):

Ever since attending TEDGlobal 2005 I sure am hooked.
I will gladly save up for the (considerable) expenses and take vacation days to attend another one of these intellectual trips.
(Next one probably TEDGlobal 2007 in Africa.)

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