Petition for 'Podcasters' Rights and the WIPO Broadcast Treaty'

Podcasters have been organizing themselves in the UK, Ireland and Germany and are fighting for the proper rights to use music and other materials.

The current hot topic is a World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) treaty that could severely impact Podcasters' ability to use materials in their podcasts. Apparently this treaty would make it harder to use materials even if they are licensed under a Creative Commons, not copyrightable or public domain.

Here is a petition that asks for a change in the proposed treaty.

Some more background information:
- Wiki: WIPO Broadcast treaty
- Column by James Boyle in the Financial Times: Constitutional Circumvention

I signed the petition because I think it is important that these changes are watched carefully.
It would be nice if podcasters would get proper rights to use materials and easy administration of whatever process is necessary to do so...
... But something tells me this will take some time.

In the meantime you can use Podsafe music of course:

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Second FirstTuesday podcast on IT Conversations: Music, Innovation & Convergence

The second FirstTuesday podcast is out on IT Conversations.
A series page has now been set up here.

This session is a panel discussion about convergence.
"This panel discussion regarding VoIP closed the thought leadership forum 'The road to convergence' from First Tuesday in Zurich, Switzerland. The panel speakers were Kevin Findlay of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Peter Fischer of the Swiss telecommunications regulatory authority, Stefan Herrlich of Siemens, Paul Hitchman of PlayLouder and Mikko Kukkonen of Nokia. With moderator Bruno Giussani, they discussed VoIP regulation, different forms of convergence and scenarios for the future of communications, network and other technologies."

See also the previous session.

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Squeezed geek chick: wide screen fix

The first episode of Geek Brief TV I saw after subscribing today was episode #0007. It immediately occurred to me that Cali - the presenter/ International Director - looked a bit skinny! See what I mean:

(Click to enlarge.)

Having worked with video shot in the so-called 'anamorphic' mode I recognized that it might be widescreen video squished into (or pulled out to) the wrong aspect ratio.
There is an excellent explanation in the Apple knowledge database: Final Cut Pro: DV and Widescreen Video Formats Explained.

After fixing the height of the clip so that the aspect ratio conforms to 16:9 widescreen it looks like this:

(Click to enlarge.)

So here Cali is still slender but not squished ;-)

The fix was done by going into the 'Movie properties' in Quicktime player. Select the video track and then uncheck 'Preserve aspect ratio'. Adjust the height of the 'Scaled Size' to 360. (640:360 == 16:9)

(Click to enlarge.)

PS: Looks like there will be a follow-up to podshow GBTV #0007.

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